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Just Another Nebraska Sunset

Friday, Saturday and Sunday I went on a little journey out to Nebraska and back. It was a spur of the moment “hey, the weather looks good, let’s go” type of trip. Up before dawn each day, and back way after sunset each night, I think we managed a few good photos. I also managed [...]

Late Evening in the Fields

Shortly after the sun had set on a beautiful fall evening, I came across this scene along the Union Pacific tracks near Creston, IL. The coal train nearest to the camera is stopped, waiting for clear track ahead to continue it’s journey to Chicago and it’s power plant destination. In the distance, another headlight can [...]

Photoshelter 2.0

I’ll admit it, when Photoshelter closed their Collection last month, I was very disappointed. I thought it seemed like they had abandoned it too quickly, and left all of those great images hanging out there without a home. However, they seemed to have somewhat redeemed themselves on Friday, with the announcement of some major changes [...]

It’s In The Details

Last week I went out for a couple of afternoons of shooting freight car details. I’m still not really sure why, but I think some of them came out pretty neat. I thought I’d put a few of them really big on here as to bring out some of the gritty, grimy details that I [...]

The Velvet Corn

I’ve been having a few computer problems these past few days, but I’ve got those corrected now, and back online to post something new. Today, I thought I’d bring out a shot from last Thursday, out along the Union Pacific near Rochelle, IL. As the sun was setting, the trains began running, and the not-yet-harvested [...]


One night, while out wandering around northern Illinois, I noticed that the emissions from the Byron Nuclear Power Plant were particularly steamy. Could have been the slightly cool yet humid air. Anyway, as soon as I got the camera focused in the pitch black prairie night, this is what I came up with.

Electric Arc

There is a photo that I’ve always wanted to make on the Metra Electric lines, and have had little success. What I’ve wanted to do is to catch the overhead catenary (the wires that provide electricity to the trains via the pantograph) sparking as the train moves by. Of course, whenever the sparks fly, it [...]


Arrgh, I missed a day of photo-bloggin’ yesterday as I was busy working on a project that I’ve got to put up on the website shortly. More on that later this week as it’s slowly getting closer to completion. Anyway, today, I’ve got another night shot, this time, it’s from earlier this summer, in May [...]

A Quiet Night Interrupted

A typical late September weeknight in Beecher, IL is quiet. I’ve set up my tripod at the bottom of the only hill in town, looking up Penfield Street towards the small business district. The occasional car rolls by, it’s passengers heading home from the parent/teacher conferences being held a couple of blocks away in the [...]

Pike’s Peak (The One In Iowa)

On my way back from Minneapolis last week, I decided to take the scenic route along the Mississippi River. It was hazy and cloudy for most of the way through Minnesota, but as I got closer to Iowa, the sun began to break though the cloud layer. I wanted to look for some scenic vantage [...]

Night at the Coaling Tower

On the way back from Iowa on Sunday, we decided to stop off at the coaling tower in Nelson, IL to try a few night shots. The old coaling tower is a landmark dating to the early steam days on the Chicago & Northwestern Railroad. It was once used to provide coal to steam locomotives [...]